#LondonCan Partnership Tools

Thanks for your interest in joining the #LondonCan campaign!

Read below to learn more about the campaign, or click here to download logos, social media templates, and other resources to help you spread the word.

What is #LondonCan?
#LondonCan is a campaign focused on promoting London as a great place to grow and start a business. We’re focused on encouraging this city’s entrepreneurs by connecting them to a number of service providers in town.


#LondonCan, as in “can do it” or #LondonCan as in “London Canada?”
Yes ;)

Don’t worry, we’ve seen the hashtag used in both ways to great effect. In fact, this flexibility is part of what drew us to choose the term to start with—it lets everyone own the campaign just that much more, and both angles support entrepreneurialism in this particular city!


Why Yellow?
For its association with highlighters (ie. “find” your answers) and the colour’s ability to attract attention. For the designers out there: this particular yellow is #FFF200 or C-0 M-0 Y-100 K-0

How is #LondonCan different from FindYourAnswers.biz
FindYourAnswers.biz is a website serving as a “first step” in making connections between entrepreneurs and service providers. It’s a repository for campaign resources (like this), and is meant to stand on it’s own whether there’s an active campaign going on or not.


How can I help? Should I?
Whether you’re an entrepreneur, aspiring entrepreneur, service provider or otherwise a champion of this city, we want you to help us share stories about what makes London such a great place to build your business.

The best way to help is to include the #LondonCan hashtag in your social media posts when you’re talking about entrepreneurialism in this city.

The next best way to help is to amplify the stories others are telling. Whether that’s a re-tweet, a like, or a share—we need your help to spread the campaign. There’s always a risk these campaigns bounce around in their own echo chamber. We want #LondonCan to break out, and need your help to do that!